Emergency Vet Care in Brevard, NC

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Animals of Eden
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South Asheville Veterinary Emergency & Specialty
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*Specialty Care is available Mon-Fri from 7:30 am – 5 pm by referral only.


After Business Hours

Veterinary Emergency Group Asheville
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Even the healthiest of pets may need emergency vet care. Sudden behavior changes or wounds are only a few of the signs that your pet needs attention from an emergency vet. It may be necessary for you to perform basic first aid in instances of bleeding, choking, or CPR to stabilize your pet prior to a visit.

You know your pet and can quickly see when its health may be at risk. Our veterinarian is here for you and can get your dog or cat the treatment they need to get them on the road to recovery. Learn about the emergency services available at Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital.

What Is Emergency Care?

Emergency care involves a multi-faceted approach to maintaining your pet’s health. Testing and exams performed by our emergency vet and our staff are often used to help identify any issues being presented. Hospital stays, surgery, or referrals may be suggested based upon the results of the assessment. Emergency services at Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital address:

  • Pet trauma from accidents or falls;
  • Sudden partial or total paralysis; and
  • Loss of consciousness or unresponsiveness.

Emergency Vet Care in Brevard, NC

You and your pet may be understandably frightened by these changes. These are only a few of the health challenges addressed as part of our emergency care. Our emergency vet will use a thorough assessment to understand the underlying conditions and walk you through your options.

While some pets may be able to return home the same day, others may need to be monitored by our staff during their recovery. If your pet needs to stay for a longer period, we will check its vital signs and provide advanced in-hospital treatment as needed. Speak with our compassionate staff to arrange hospital visitation for any longer stay. We offer emergency care during office hours and recommend Western Carolina Regional Emergency Hospital when we are closed.

Why Is Emergency Vet Care Important?

Every pet deserves to live a long and healthy life. However, there are times when illness or accidents make a visit to our emergency vet necessary. Our veterinary team offers quality care in a modern facility to address any emergencies that arise. Early treatment of an emergency can often result in more successful outcomes for your pet. Our veterinarian at Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital can discuss the services available.

Emergency Vet Care from Trusted Brevard Veterinarians

Emergencies don’t always occur at a convenient time. We want to ensure that all pets receive high-quality care from our emergency vet when they need it. Contact our Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital at 828-884-3647 during business hours. For emergency care on weekends and after 7 pm on weekdays, we recommend calling the Western Carolina Regional Emergency Hospital at 828-697-7767.

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Emergency Vet Care in Brevard, NC