Pet Euthanasia in Brevard, NC

When is Pet Euthanasia the Best Decision for Your Pet?

We love our pets, however, when they become very ill it can be difficult to nurse them back to health or to make the decision to put them to sleep. If you are in Brevard, NC, visit Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital PLLC. Our office provides the foremost compassionate end of life care for your pets. We understand the difficult decisions involved in making final preparations for your pet. Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital can provide hospice and euthanasia. These services can give you and your pet more time and the most peaceful end of life care possible.

What is Animal Hospice?

When your animal is terminally ill, our hospital can provide hospice. Hospice is at-home care that focuses on providing comfort to your furry companion until the end. One of our trained professionals will administer pain medication that can afford our clients comfort and ease of pain.

Pet Euthanasia in Brevard, NC

What is Pet Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the process by which a pet can die with dignity and comfort without extreme medical procedures. One of our experienced veterinarians will discuss the process with you to determine if euthanasia is the right course of action for your pet. If you would like to follow through with the treatment, our vet will administer a shot to your pet. The shot first administered to your pet will be to calm and the final shot will result in a painless end of the suffering. If you have a pet that is terminally ill, injured, or otherwise suffering, euthanasia can be the painless means of ending the suffering for your pet. We understand that if you seek this treatment it is the last option; we strive to help you through this time and give your pet the best care available.

For Compassionate Care Call Us

For pets that are suffering, our veterinarians always work to find the best option when caring for your ailing pet. When a pet does get injured or becomes very ill our vets are going to suggest the most effective treatment option for least pain to your pet. We will make sure you fully understand every option at your disposal so you can make the best choices. If you are in the Brevard area, call us at (828) 884-3647, and need these services, let our compassionate and skilled team care for you and your pet through this final journey. We treat our clients with dignity and exude the empathy you deserve.

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Pet Euthanasia in Brevard, NC