Pet Surgery FAQs

Get Answers from Our Brevard Veterinarians

Pet surgery can be hard on you, and even more challenging for your companion animal, if you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for it. If you are looking for answers, then turn to Animals Of Eden Veterinary Hospital in Brevard, NC. Our team is here to help you understand what happens when your pet has to get a surgical procedure.

What Kinds of Pet Surgeries Do You Offer?

Veterinarians are trained to perform various types of surgeries. At our vet practice, we can perform the following:

  • Spay and neuter
  • Laceration repairs
  • Tumor removals
  • Tooth extractions
  • Soft tissue repairs
  • Orthopedic repairs

Will Anesthesia Be Used?

Much like humans, when your pet goes into surgery, he will get anesthesia. Using an anesthetic ensures that your animal won’t feel a thing and move around during the procedure. We test your pet’s health before administering the drug to cut down on the risks, and we monitor him after the surgery as well to make sure there are no harmful side effects.

Will My Pet Be Able to Eat Before Surgery?

It’s important to talk with our veterinarians before your pet’s surgery to cover all the details. For example, our vets may not want you to feed your animal for at least 12 hours before the pet surgery. An anesthetic can sometimes cause nausea, and food in the stomach can further complicate other issues that might arise.

Is My Pet Going to Stay at The Animal Hospital?

The answer depends on a couple of factors, such as the type of surgery and your pet’s recuperation timeline. Sometimes, pets can go home right away and have a follow-up appointment later. Other times, it’s better if they stay overnight, so staff can track their progress and monitor their recovery time. Talk with our veterinarians for more information. We can tell you if your pet will need to stay with us for a few hours or overnight.

Trust Animals Of Eden Veterinary Hospital for Your Pet’s Surgery

If your pet needs to get a surgical procedure, and you live in or around Brevard, NC, then get in touch with Animals Of Eden Veterinary Hospital. We will go over with you about your pet’s surgery, what to expect, how to prepare for it, and what the post-surgical care will look like. Call us today at (828) 884-3647