Pet Wellness Exam

Animals of Eden, in Brevard, take special care to make sure your pet is healthy and maintains that health. The best way to protect your dog or cat from illness and disease is to have regular routine check-ups. Our veterinarian, Dr. Glenn McPherson, and our team of caring professionals will make your vet care experience a pleasant one. Our office is relaxed and has state-of-art equipment to give your fur baby the very best treatment available.

What You Can Expect:

Before the veterinarian comes in, the tech will take your pet’s temperature and obtain any history or concerns you may have. Dr. McPherson will thoroughly examine your pet. He will look at your baby’s ears, skin, feel for any lumps or bumps, listen to the heart and lungs, and inspect the gums, teeth and the eyes. If, after the examination, Dr. McPherson feels that any further testing is necessary, we can schedule it at that time.



A yearly exam or, in the case of a puppy or kitten, every few weeks, is a good time to get your animal up to date on all vaccinations. Vaccinations play an important part of your pet’s health.


The doctor will recommend flea, tick and heartworm medicines to protect your baby as well as medications that he/she might need for conditions that have been discovered.


Often times our patients need to change food or start on a supplement. Our vet care includes advice on what food and supplements will enable optimum health benefits. We can also provide direction concerning behavior issues.

Nail Clipping

If you are unable to perform this task at home, our staff can assist you. The annual exam is the perfect time to have this done.

Address Concerns

A routine pet wellness exam gives you the attention of the doctor so it is an opportune time to voice any problems you see in your pet. Take a moment to ask questions and find out the right way to handle your pet’s individual needs.

Animals of Eden, Veterinary Hospital cares about your pet. It is our goal to keep your loved family member healthy and well-cared for at all times. We would love the opportunity to be your Brevard veterinarian. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s wellness exam: (828) 884-3647.