“Great vet clinic. The staff and Dr. McPherson are wonderful. The vet is more then happy to spend time examining your pet thoroughly and explaining things in understandable terms without rushing off to the next case. We are RVers traveling through the area and needed our dog to see a vet for some significant lameness she recently developed. This was our first visit with Dr. McPherson and he put us completely at ease. We’re very impressed with this place.”

-Mike S., Yelp

“Kohda was treated with excellent care. I can’t imagine there would have been a better treatment. We also appreciated the call the next day to check on Him! Thanks to everyone for treating and our fur babies like we do!!”

-Tammy Young, Google

“Ever since I was little, this vet was our go to. We have suffered so many ups and downs and Dr McPherson has always helped us and done his best to take care of our animals. Over the past 22 years, he has been an outstanding guy with kind words and gentle guidance. Recently, we had to seek emergency care and we had the pleasure to work with Dr. Foote and she’s just as wonderful. She showed an incredible amount of dedication to helping us. The love and support the Animal’s of Eden team shows is enough to make me feel like my family is in great hands. That is why I recommend them because if they treat my animals like family I’ll do the same for them.”

-Ashley Cook , Facebook

“Our Lab mix, Ella, experienced a bout with a cancerous tumor (a sarcoma) and we couldn’t have been more pleased with Animals of Eden in their early and accurate diagnosis of this malady, as well as their follow-up treatment and observation. Ella is not cancer free (a big shout-out to Greenville’s Vet Hospital too!!) and, as her photo indicates, hasn’t a care in the world, as she drifts off blissfully into La La Land. She’s now a healthy, happy dog, in large measure because of the excellent care she gets at Animals of Eden!”

-Lynne Seymour, Google

“Moved here from Seattle and was apprehensive about trying to find a great veterinarian to take care of my little hairy child. When a new friend recommended Animals of Eden I made a get to know you appointment. What a treat to find such a caring, wonderful place to bring my cat for medical care. The staff is great and the vet Dr. McPherson was caring, knowledgeable, and took the time to get to know my kitty and me. I was so pleased with the service and would like to encourage you to seek out his services. You will be very happy and your pet will be taken care of expertly and lovingly. Please take your pet here you will be happy.”

– Vickie B., Yelp

“We have had many experiences with vets in different parts of the country and I have never experienced the compassion the staff here has shown my dying dog as well as myself. They went totally above and beyond their call of duty, never have I experienced such empathy. My husband had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital on the same day our dog was scheduled to be euthanized. This left me without a way to transport our sweet old dog and to end his suffering, I tried to get an uber and a taxi service that would transport him but no one was willing or able. So a staff member volunteered to pick my dog up at his/her lunch break. I can’t even begin to find the words of how grateful I am for these people. May God bless you and reward you for all that you have done and will do for our beloved pets.”

-William Tooher, Google

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“We have adopted many senior pets throughout the years. These guys have been great. They have helped us provide a retirement for for 2 poodles a golden retriever and 3 cats. When you adopt older pets they require more vet care and lots of times you do not know their history as young animals. Most have little issues and quirks you have to figure out. Animals of Eden have done a wonderful job to help us. They are a caring group and really take their job seriously. Thank you so much for all the help over the years.”

-Rebecca Worley, Facebook

“Dr. McPherson and staff were great! He found a significant health problem with my cat that no other vet has ever noticed. For my cat, it was a life improver. His attention to detail and love for animals eased my worries right away. It was my first visit, but definitely won’t be my last.”

-Linda O’Leary Riesch, Google

“I cannot say enough about this office! Staff is always friendly and helpful. Prices are fair. Attentive to you and your fur baby’s needs. I recently had to put my first little doggie down which was extremely difficult. The entire staff has comforted me not only on that sad day, but to go the extra mile and send me a card in the mail. They even included some beautiful poems and writings. I will continue to take my pets to Animals of Eden, where they truly do care!!”

– Georgianna K., Yelp

“I have known Glenn & Kim for many years, as a trusted Vet and good friends. Recently my sweet Beemer, who is 13, was diagnosed with bone cancer. After hearing the treatment options, I have chosen to give her quality of life, over at best a few more months with invasive & difficult procedures. She was prescribed pain meds which made her lethargic & pretty listless. Dr. Glenn offered a sample of hemp oil to try with her & within a week she was so much better-more alert-up in the morning to go out with the other dogs-and playing with Roscoe again. I realize this is not a cure, but she is back to her old self, for now & that is huge. Beemer has led an incredible life & deserves to live it out in the best possible way-so Thank You, Doc, for making it possible.”

-Joey Beckham, Facebook

“We have used Animals of Eden’s veterinary & boarding services. Rave reviews for both. As for the vet services, in somewhat of an emergency situation, Dr. McPherson and his staff correctly diagnosed and treated my dog promptly, lovingly, & professionally. They were tremendous. We have returned for checkups since then. Dr. Mac is definately OUR vet in the Brevard area.
They also offer boarding services. We left our dog there for almost a week recently and she was treated lovingly. The facilities are very good, with a huge fenced in outdoor running/playing area. The dogs are watched over while outside. And the indoor facilities are very good also. We will definitely go back when we need boarding services again. Dr. Mac & his staff are the best.”

-Ken Anderson, Google

“Excellent Vet. He has treated my animals since I came to Brevard. Highly recommend him and his service!!! A Class A business !!!.”

– Ro G., Yelp