Urgent Pet Care

Having a pet in your home can bring plenty of amazing experiences and fond memories. You want to provide a happy and healthy life for your furry friend and that means providing the proper veterinary care when your pet is sick or injured. Many medical issues can wait until your pets’ next checkup, but when it can’t wait, and you have a pet emergency, it’s good to know you have a veterinarian that you can rely on. If you live in or around Brevard, choose Animals Of Eden Veterinary Hospital as your urgent pet care provider.

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Pet Trauma

A situation that would warrant visiting an animal hospital is if your pet experiences serious trauma. If your pet has been involved in a bad accident, has been hit hard, or took a hard fall, it may make sense to bring your pet in for a pet trauma evaluation. You should consider a pet trauma evaluation especially if your pet seems to be in a lot of pain or has lost blood.

Sudden Paralysis

You should also bring your pet in to see a veterinarian for pet urgent care if your pet seems as if it is paralyzed. If your pet is unable to stand up, walk, or move his or her legs, it can be a frightening experience for both you and your pet. If you notice that your pet is struggling with total or partial paralysis, it is important to get your pet the attention that your pet needs immediately. This could be the result of a stroke or another serious health condition.

Loss of Consciousness

Most pets will sleep sporadically during the day. However, if your pet appears to have completely lost consciousness or is not responsive, it could be a serious underlying health condition. When this occurs, you should bring your pet in for veterinary care as soon as you can for a full medical assessment.

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If you believe that your pet needs urgent care, you shouldn’t delay bringing your pet in to see a veterinarian. If you live in the Brevard area, choose Animals Of Eden Veterinary Hospital PLLC for your pet urgent care needs. We will make sure your pet receives the care and attention that it needs. This will include an assessment and evaluation of your pet’s condition as well as whatever veterinary care is deemed necessary. Call us today at (828) 884-3647 for more information