Pet Microchipping

Many pet owners overlook an important tool to help keep their animals safe from theft or escape. They do not realize that microchipping, which is more effective than breakaway collars with tags, is safe for both adult pets as well as for kittens and puppies. Our veterinarian can quickly complete this outpatient procedure at our Animals Of Eden Veterinary Hospital in Brevard.

Microchipping Advantages

Our veterinarian notes that animal shelters receive about 8 million cats and dogs every year. Only one of every five dogs that enters is able to reunite with its owner. For cats, the figure drops to 2 percent. However, microchipping a pet significantly boosts its chances of making it home.

Clients at our veterinary practice enjoy the advantages of convenience and effectiveness that microchips offer. They take only a few minutes to implant in a procedure we can perform at an appointment just for that purpose or during a routine office visit. Implantation is easy and harmless.

Each owner receives a registration form to complete with information such as the pet’s name and owner contact information. The chip manufacturer stores this information in a database. All owners need to do it make sure it remains current. Our staff will check the microchip each year during an exam to make sure it remains in the right position and is working normally.

Microchip Technology

Microchipping involves inserting a tiny microchip that bears a unique registration number created by its manufacturer. In size, these chips resemble grains of rice. They should function longer than a pet’s lifetime and do not need to be replaced.

Our veterinarian inserts the microchip under the dog’s or cat’s skin, typically between the animal’s shoulder blades. The procedure is safe and should create no more discomfort than that associated with common injections.

Each microchip manufacturer maintains electronic records with assigned chip numbers and accompanying owner contact information. Animal control officers, shelters, and veterinary practices use special scanners to discover whether or not an animal has a chip.

A scan reveals the unique number of any functioning microchip. The staff can then identify the animal and retrieve contact information for its owner to help the pet return home.

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