Animals of Eden located in Brevard provides the highest quality pet care available. Our well-trained staff will make your fur baby feel loved and relaxed. We are a full-service clinic and offer a kid-friendly atmosphere that works for the whole family. Our doctor, Dr. Glenn McPherson, is a North Carolina licensed and experienced veterinarian. At Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital we make your pet our priority.

Routine Exams

Regular check-ups are vital to your pet’s health, just like they are to people. Problems are often caught early on and more easily treated through the use of routine exams.


A vaccinated pet is protected against many types of diseases that can harm them as well as leave you with an expensive bill.

Pest Prevention

Fleas, ticks and heartworms will make your pet sick if left untreated. We have a variety of products to safeguard your pet against these pesky creatures.


Neglect of teeth can result in bone and teeth loss as well as heart conditions. Taking care of your pet’s teeth will make him/her more comfortable and provide a healthy environment for good heart health.

Pet Surgery

Dr. McPherson can perform the surgery necessary to heal and correct your beloved family member’s issue.

Emergency Care

Any urgent situation can be scary. Animals of Eden veterinary services include treatment of emergency cases. We are ready to help in scary circumstances.


Pets of varying ages and conditions will all have different nutritional needs. Our expert staff can help you determine the best choice of pet food and supplements to regulate and maintain your baby’s digestive system. An animal that is receiving the right nutrients to cover all aspects of health will be a happy pet.


We can fit your pet with a microchip to ensure his/her safety. Sometimes animals can get off the leash or jump a fence, running far away before we have a chance to catch them. Microchipping is a painless, simple procedure that can mean that your fur baby would be returned to you quickly.

Animals of Eden Veterinary Clinic of Brevard is dedicated to making your vet experience a positive, calm, comfortable event. We want to partner with you to make certain your fur baby is getting all he/she needs. Animals of Eden wants to serve you and your beloved family member!